Scion Trinity Electric Fireplace

Inspiring from any vantage point

Create an alluring atmosphere from any angle with the SimpliFire® Scion Trinity electric fireplace. It adds stunning ambiance in three-sided, corner or single-sided styles where you can finish your wall in a sleek look.


Primary Specs
Scion Trinity 43 | Scion Trinity 55
BTU/hr Input 5,000
Viewing Area 42-1/2" x 14-3/4" | 54-1/2" x 14-3/4"
Additional Specs
BUILT-IN, FLUSH DESIGN Bring finishing materials up to the edge in a clean look with no visible heat vents or mesh screen.
FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION Choose from three-sided (bay), two-sided (corner) or single-sided configurations.
MULTIFUNCTION REMOTE Thermostat, lighting, on/off control at your fingertips.
INCLUDED MEDIA Pick the look you want, from clear crystals or driftwood logs with glowing embers.
THERMOSTAT & TIMER Adjust your fire for the warmth and duration you want, at just pennies an hour.
FLAME & EMBER COLORS Tailor each fireside experience with four flame and 13 ember-bed color choices.
ADJUSTABLE HEAT Enjoy year-round with or without heat.