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A Simplified Guide To Opening Your Hot Tub For The Season

The onset of hot tub season is an exciting time! It signals the coming of warmer days and promises countless relaxing moments in your spa. If you’re preparing your hot tub for the season for the first time, fear not—Phillips Lifestyles‘ professionals stand ready to assist you. This guide will provide a simple yet detailed walkthrough of the essential steps to open your hot tub!

Remove the Cover

Use a hot tub cover lifter or enlist the help of a friend to remove the hot tub cover. The beginning of the season is a great time to thoroughly clean the cover to remove any debris and inspect it closely for signs of damage, mold, or other issues.

Drain and Clean

Start by completely emptying your hot tub with a garden hose, making sure to remove all water. Once drained, use a sponge or cloth along with an acrylic-safe cleaner to thoroughly cleanse the walls and floor. This is vital for removing any lingering dirt, debris, or residues from the off-season.

Be cautious of using soap-based cleaners, as they can damage the hot tub’s shell and might leave residues that cause the water to become bubbly when the spa is refilled.

Clean and Replace Filters

Remove your spa filters and carefully cleanse them using a specialized spa filter cleaner. Once cleaned, rinse them well with water and allow them to air dry fully prior to placing them back into the hot tub. If your filters seem old or deteriorated, think about swapping them for new ones to ensure peak performance.

Refill the Hot Tub

Fill your hot tub with fresh water using your garden hose, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the proper water level and the accurate approach for chemical balancing.

Balance the Chemicals

Before using your hot tub, it’s essential to ensure the pH and chemical balance are within the proper range. Use test strips or a testing kit to check these levels, and make adjustments using chemicals as needed. Follow the product instructions carefully for precise dosing and observe any required waiting times before you indulge in the relaxing experience of your hot tub.

Let the Water Circulate

To ensure complete integration of chemicals and to achieve the ideal water balance, it’s important to operate and circulate your hot tub for at least 30 minutes. This process not only helps in thoroughly mixing the chemicals but also in filtering out any remaining debris or residue, creating a clean and welcoming environment.

Enjoy Your Hot Tub!

After meticulously cleaning your hot tub and achieving the perfect chemical balance, you’re ready to immerse yourself in the myriad benefits it provides!

Initiating your hot tub for the season may appear daunting initially, but rest assured, adhering to these guidelines will streamline the process, ensuring a pristine and enjoyable experience each time you use it. If any questions arise, our expert team is ready to offer comprehensive advice on maintaining and caring for your hot tub.


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