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Harman Pellet Inserts

Harman Pellet Inserts

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Harman’s collection of premium pellet fireplace inserts makes it easy to love the look and functionality of your fireplace without needing a total renovation. Our pellet fireplace inserts are built with uncompromising quality and timeless style that include innovative pellet technology to ensure that you get the most efficient home heating solution.

Bring your outdated fireplace back to life with an innovative Harman pellet fireplace insert. Enjoy the pellet fireplace inserts that are easy to own and provide the most accurate temperature control and exclusive technologies.


  • Clean-burning and consistent. Pellets are affordable, available and renewable.
  • Fire Characteristics: Active and robust. A small fire can burn an inch high, while a powerful 10-inch blaze is bright and intense.
  • Fire Starting: Automatic thermostats and temperature controls do the work for you—just keep your hopper filled.
  • Type of Heat: Most of the heat is convectional—blown through a heat exchanger and out into the home.
  • Fuel Storage & Handling: Pellets are normally available in 40 lb. bags. A 1,500 sq. ft. home will use 2-4 tons per season, on average.