Helo Supreme

SUPREME truly lives up to its name.

Available in a wide range of configurations and sizing options, SUPREME makes it easy to plan a personal oasis for the senses. A massive log sauna, SUPREME’s near-knotless fir walls and aspen interior regulate an ideal sauna climate with no added insulation. At the same time, these materials combine with glass doors and windows for an aesthetic impression that is pleasing in every sense.



Harmony your way

SUPREME is a centre for well-being that gives you more freedom to make best use of the space you have. It can be tailored with outer shelves or bathrobe hanging space if you prefer. And its combination of soft-coloured fir and glass creates a modern look that will fit in well with almost any room.

Bench and back rest

Bench and back rest in aspen with matching bench cushion is an invitation to relax and unwind anytime.


58 mm near-knotless fir for the walls and ceiling is solidly beautiful, and softens the interior climate for stable, soothing heat.

Size of your sauna

The SUPREME system gives you excellent flexibility in determining the size of your sauna. Configurations are available from 129 to 269 cm, with increments in 11 cm steps. Width and depth dimensions can also be combined, giving you a free hand to plan a stylish, high-performance sauna wherever it suits you best.

Massive log sauna

Massive log sauna is easy to assemble and is guaranteed warp-resistant, providing many years of trouble-free sauna experiences.